About Us


The Chandler Swimming Club can trace its  history back to a swimming club that was know variously as the ‘Carina Amateur Swimming Club’, the ‘Carina Amateur Swimming Club’and the ‘Camp Hill/Carina Amateur Swimming Club during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The swimmers at this time trained at the Carina Pool, an outside unheated pool only a few kilometres from Chandler's current home, The Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Sleeman Sports Complex.

When the Aquatic Centre, also known as the Sleeman Sports Complex, was built for the 1982 Commonwealth Games, the ‘Carina Swimming Club’ won the right to lease lanes of the new 50 metre, heated, indoor pool, and so, relocated. The change of location led to a name change and the club became the ‘Carina/Chandler Swimming Club’. The first Head Coach was Mrs Myee Baumer. Myee was assisted by her husband, Rex. Myee Baumer had been coaching at the Carina pool and moved with the club into its new premises, while Rex became assistant manager at the new Chandler pool.

Chandler swimming club has had a number of swimmers represent their country at international level, including:


Mission Statement

The Chandler Swimming Club and its Coaching Staff aim to provide a place for young people to develop, not only as swimmers but also as confident, healthy, and independent individuals.

The Club endeavours to provide a strong foundation from where every swimmer can go on to achieve their full potential, carrying the lessons learnt, through with them for the remainder of their lives.

It is the Club’s intent that each and every member enjoys this journey.

Thank you to our sponsors